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Breakfast Club


Breakfast  Club menu

Beans/Kippers/Sardines on wholemeal toast

Boiled or Poached egg

Fresh fruit Salad

Muesli with milk or natural yoghurt or honey

Banana or Blueberry fruit loaf




Tomato omelette

Milk or Water to drink

The menu will vary slightly on a weekly basis to ensure variety and to keep children engaged.


Breakfast Menu Revamp!


We are delighted to announce that we have we have worked closely with Sefton Catering Services to offer our children an exciting new range of healthy options to kick start the school day.

The tempting new offers aim to widen the children’s palates and encourage them to shop less healthy cereals (Rice Krispies & Cornflakes) for eggs, fresh fruit, yoghurt (unsweetened) and honey and fish (Kippers/Sardines). Sometimes, children will try new foods at school with their friends and you may be surprised at home by what they are willing to eat. Please let us know what you think!


Breakfast club starts at 8am and ends when the children go into class at 8.45am. 

Children have breakfast then are allowed to play games such as air hockey, snooker, skipping and when the weather is good they can go outside and play in the school playground or join in football sessions with Mr Tyson. 


The breakfast club staff encourage the children to take part in keep fit dance with 5-a-day exercises. When breakfast club is finished the children are encouraged to help tidy the toys away.

The cost of breakfast club is £1.50 per child per day. Children from Nursery up to Year 6 can attend.


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