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Welcome to All Saints Choir


Choir Club is on a Tuesday 3.15pm - 4.15pm


We have members from Year 4, 5 and 6 in our choir, which is led by Miss Coyne. We learn various types of songs which help us to work as a team. Every week, we must warm our voices and bodies up so we are prepared to sing. We warm up ‘Larry the Larynx’ to make sure we don’t damage our vocal chords when projecting our voices. The children love to engage in warm up activities so they are ready and prepared to sing to the best of their abilities.


In choir, we also are constantly improving our listening skills and working memory. Whenever we are learning a new song, it is played a couple of times so we can pick up the melody and key words. This helps us to develop a better understanding of the meaning of the songs.

We learn a variety of songs including songs in a round, call and response, as well as hymns and modern songs. This gives us a great repertoire.



We will inform you of any performances or concerts coming soon.

Miss Coyne


"Each one of you is a child of God" Pope Francis