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Late Owls

Late Owls

These sessions for year 6 are run every Monday after school until 4.15pm. The children are taught in very small groups or sometimes on a one to one, depending on what works best for that pupil.


Teachers across the school voluntarily commit to teaching these session each week and they work on very specific areas of English or Maths that has been identified by the year 6 class teacher. School has very good evidence of the impact on individual pupils’ performance, confidence and work ethic.


Comments written by pupils in Late Owls

“It is good because we get the maths explained to us before we do it in class.” (J. Digweed).


“It is really helping me with comprehension because there are just two of us so we can get lots of advice from the teacher.” (A Gerrard).


“You can really concentrate because it’s lovely and quiet with just three of us in the group.” ( A Blundell).


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