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Reading - 02 June 2014

Our school's main drive is raising the children's literacy levels. Reading is of course the key to everything in school. All of the staff have...

Behaviour Rewards - 05 May 2014

Behaviour rewards This term we have been focusing on manners, particularly during lunch time. This includes children using cutlery when ...

From Monday the 24th February 2014, Dinner money will be £8.75p - 24 February 2014

From Monday the 24th February 2014, Dinner money will be £8.75p

Reception: Ready to Read, parents we need your help.Bring your childs book bag in every day - 16 December 2013

Ready to Read Project To help our children in the next stage of their reading development we would like the children to read each morning as they c...

Important make sure school has the correct phone numbers - 20 January 2013

Please inform the office staff if you have changed your phone number. It is very important that we have a contact number.

Assertive Mentoring - 09 December 2012

Assertive Mentoring The school is adopting a school-wide system for tracking pupil progress in reading, writing, maths, behaviour and attendance. ...

Attendance & Punctuality - 09 December 2012

Attendance & Punctuality We have had some illness this term mainly tonsillitis, which of course affected an attendance figures. Sadly...

Homework - 09 December 2012

Homework We have (again) revisited our Homework policy. Quite honestly in many classes homework is taking up far too much time, given the ...

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