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Dinner money is now £2.00 a day or £10.00 a week  

Free School Meals 

Looking at our figures, I do think there are many families who, for whatever reason, are not claiming their entiitlement to free school meals. Not only are these children losing out but so is school. This is because the higher the percentage of free school meals, the more money the school gets from the government. If you would like any advice or support and wish to speak in total confidence, please let Mrs Benson or Mrs Kirwan, our administration officers know. We have copies of the application form here and a private room is available to discuss things, complete forms etc.

As you may be aware, from September 2014 every child in Reception and years 1 & 2 will be entitled to free school meals. Although your child is entitled to a school meal please still complete the attached form. Even if you wish your child to have packed lunch, please still complete the form as we receive an allowance for each child and this allowance can be used for books, games etc. for your child/children here in school.


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