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Email sent to All Saints Catholic Primary school


Dear Mrs Holleran
I had the pleasure of sharing a railway carriage with some of your pupils and staff this morning. I think they were on their way to Liverpool to study The Victorians. The children were a credit to themselves, their teachers and the school! Once settled the group near me played I spy games, completely unprompted by grownups. They were so polite and well-mannered with each other and the public. I felt I must write to congratulate them and their teachers on such exemplary behaviour. The pupils were obviously well prepared and briefed about the outing and I know from experience what planning is necessary for such trips. All Saints is obviously a great school, it must be with such lovely pupils and staff. Congratulations to all involved.
With best wishes,
Chris Kneale

Date: 14 July 2016 at 18:00
Subject: Thank You FAO Mrs Holleran
To: "
admin.allsaints@schools.sefton.gov.uk" <admin.allsaints@schools.sefton.gov.uk>

Dear Mrs Holleran,


My name is Victoria and I live in Liverpool 8.

Earlier this week I was travelling to Southport via train with some friends, when we had the pleasure of meeting some of your pupils. I think they told us that they were class 2 and 2A.

The children were telling us about the work they have been doing at All Saints and that they were visiting Formby beach and going to look at “big houses”. Some of the children even offered to share their lunch with us!

They were polite, well mannered and just a bit excited! They certainly brightened up our day!

Last October I was involved in a car accident so I have had a very difficult year. One young boy gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen! I cannot remember the last time I smiled back at someone and genuinely meant it. Unfortunately I don’t know his name, but please thank all of class 2 and 2A for helping me to smile a little again.

I hope that the children had a fabulous day out. They are a credit to your school, their teachers and of course their parents!


Victoria Clarke



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